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The St. Claire on Fifth

Acquisition & Development
New York, New York

The Agunloye

Yonkers, New York

Tower Royal Condominiums

Queens, New York

Laredo Gas Station

Laredo, Texas

Sedona Bed & Breakfast

Cash Out
Sedona, Arizona

Current Client - AmerCor

At its core, AmerCor’s business plan concentrates on the establishment of an immediately
accessible repository for the management of medical information and the diagnostic analysis of clinical data. The repository is managed under the strictest “government level” security. In addition to managing medical information in a live private repository, AmerCor’s technology includes the direct capture of information and direct connection to diagnostic equipment, such as MRI systems, using proprietary wireless interfaces.  Medical information gathered is updated on a real-time basis.  The process can be explained best here by comparison. The Credit Reporting Service of the United States is similar in that it contains valuable and reliable information about credit worthiness accessible in a standard way on a limited basis. The information in our repository is tracked similarly to a live electronic stock exchange information management system. 

Current Client - WHPS Green Technologies

WHPS Green Technology Corporation in association with WANHE Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is the designer and developer of state-of the-art technology and applications which are utilized to produce highly efficient energy reduction systems for the world market.

Our main focus is to design systems that substantially reduce the amount of electricity required to operate HVAC and other electrical equipment in commercial environments such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals and manufacturing facilities without modification to existing equipment. The systems are based on a revolutionary concept that manages the correct flow of energy to the location (equipment) that needs it when it needs to assure maximum operating efficiency at the lowest possible KW consumption. The system has no negative effect on the equipment.  

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Tri-Chord Steel Systems, Inc.
AGT - Atmospheric Glow Technologies
East West Entertainment
SiBoney Learning Group

Past Clients

Inc Networks
Roba Dolce
Products 2 Protect

Past Clients

New World Entertainment Group
Aurora Electronic Ballast